Western Australia’s Business Confidence Soars in Challenging Times

Western Australia defies the national trend by experiencing a significant surge in Business Confidence

The September 2023 Roy Morgan Business Confidence Index revealed a significant decline in business confidence across Australia, with a 7.6-point drop, bringing the index to 87.1. This marked the lowest level of business confidence in three years, reminiscent of the challenging times experienced in September 2020 when Victoria was grappling with extended lockdowns and New South Wales was dealing with significant COVID-19 outbreaks.

However, Western Australia has stood out as a remarkable exception to the national norm, with business confidence in the state surging. WA’s business confidence has risen by 14.7 points from a year ago, currently at an impressive 107.3. This surge in business confidence reflects a beacon of positivity for WA amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty.

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Learn more about Roy Morgan’s September 2023 report here.

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